WOW TBC Classic – The Fire Festival to be Postponed?

WOW TBC Classic – The Fire Festival to be Postponed?

There have been many wonderful events and seasonal celebrations in WOW which have left players alike clamouring for more.

However, in a surprising move, WOW TBCC’s latest festivity, the Midsummer Fire Festival, has just been revealed to be postponed until middle of July 2021.

It is believed that the developers are letting players more time to dive into TBCC, possibly levelling up as much as possible before the drop of the Fire Festival on the 20th July.

This is also evidence by the fact that TBCC was just recently launched in 1st June, earlier this month.

With such a short span of time for the fan base to start gaining traction, this delay is believed to benefit by having a much larger audience, come next month.

Next year’s Fire Festival will not be treated the same way though, as the development team stressed that this year’s festivities will not affect anything coming in 2022.

So, what do you think is going in with the team behind the curtains?

Is TBCC really doing well, is this just a simple strategic decision to allow more time for the developers to prepare something explosive for this year’s Festival of Fire?

Whatever that may be, TBCC is definitely not going anywhere at the moment.

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